Yehuda Tassa began to work in Yemenite Filigree at the age of six. Taught by his father, a well-known jeweler in Yemen, he worked in the family jewelry business for sixteen years.

After retitring from an aerospace career, he revitalized his 'lost art' of prolifically producing both ancient and modern filigree designs. He creates jewelry and teaches at various art centers in Northern California, incorporating both ancient and modern tools and techniques into his workshops.

Yehuda is working to preserve the history of Yemenite Filigree through his own personal and family knowledge, his research, and by spreading the word through teaching filigree and granulation workshops.
Personal note from Iris Sandkühler:
What inspired me to carry Yehuda Tassa's DVD? When I had my studio in Pacifica, California I often taught private lessons. One day I had two students, one of whom was wearing a fantastically intricate filigree bracelet that caught my attention. She told about her instructor and encouraged me to meet him. After doing so I decided to take some of his workshops.

Coming from completely different backgrounds in terms of jewelry education and techniques Yehuda and I were often exchanging tips. Besides his amazing designs and skill, one of the things that I appreciate Yehuda for is his ancient knowledge which filled in a lot of gaps in my education. Simple things such as where did jewelry solder come from? How do you make it from scratch? Because I like to keep my classes as non-toxic and accessible as possible, his wisdom meshes with my philosophy. In short, we became friends.
The DVD has so many inspiring examples of his filigree pieces that I lost count. I also find Yehuda's delivery as charming as he is in person. I recommend this DVD for all levels of jewelers.
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