Don't Set Your Hair on Fire

"These pictures are of what happened when acetylene and oxygen bottles got caught up in a fire. The fire was in 2001 at the Elephant Hills Hotel in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, where I was renting a space for my jewelry workshop... The fire was caused by a local guy who was welding on one of the exhaust ducts of a tumble clothes drier — while the machine was running!"
—Hans Meevis

This is the result of an exploded oxygen bottle in my workshop. The fire was caused by a maintenance team just down the passage.

In red, middle left of photo: "---- "---Polishing motor"

In red, mid-right: "Oven---"

In red, lower left: "---Exploded Oxygen Bottle"
9-inch structural wall on the outside of the workshop. Note the lift doors. The wall had to be completely re-built.
Acetylene bottle hit this car from the hotel roof. The car had been moved to safe distance minutes before.

In red, middle part of photo: "Acyteline bottle"
Picture of burnt out hotel taken from the car.

In red, top of photo: "Acetylene Bottle take-off point [and below that sentence] HERE"
The maintenance team was doing work on top of the hotel roof. The cause of the fire, however, was someone arc welding on a floor below, in the exhaust fan of an industrial tumble dryer—while the machine was in use!

In red, middle of photo: "Oxygen bottle --* "

In white, mid-left: "Wife with 1000 yard stare"

In red, lower-left: "Acetelyne bottle was standing where the photo was taken"
The Acetylene bottle's partner, hitting the cooling plant radiator.

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