Soft as Butter Headpins
Bead Kindness
Are you wasting money and patience cracking bead hole edges? It can get expensive, especially when you are using gemstones and Swarovski crystals! These head pins are so soft they will be kind to your most fragile beads.

Do your hands hurt? Many beaders and jewelry designers suffer from repetitive motion aches and pains such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpel tunnel etc. Using hard (stiff) wires is only going to contribute further to your discomfort.

Do your tools hurt? Are they out of true because of wear and tear? These head pins are so soft they work with mini-round nose and chain pliers. You will barely even feel this wire because it’s as soft as butter. [Ahem… the type of butter that is sitting warm and inviting on your table. Not the refrigerated butter pats that tear up your bread!]
Tarnish Resistant
These head pins are made from a high silver content that makes them more resistant to tarnishing than sterling. Ever heard the term, "polishing the sterling?" That’s because sterling tarnishes fairly rapidly. Unless exposed to chemicals (bleach, peroxide, lotions to name a couple), these head pins should remain bright and shiny for at least a couple of years..
Lustrous Ball Ends
Each ball end has been individually fire polished to give it a long lasting luster.
The Ultimate Malleability
Need the head pins to be stiffer? No worries! It’s like having three head pins in one. You can easily turn these dead soft head pins into half-hard and hard. Here’s how:
    Gently hold the head in a material that grips such as chamois or that sticky kitchen grip “fabric.” This prevents you from distorting the nicely shaped head on the head pin. Grab the other end with your chain pliers and give the head pin a half twist. Test the malleability. If it's not toughened up enough continue to a full twist. Keep in mind, the more springy (brittle) the wire becomes, the closer you are to breaking it.
How Did We Know?
A professional jeweler developed these head pins for beaders and jewelry designers. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Ideas? Custom orders? We want to hear from you!
Each head pin has been individually hand made and inspected. The balls average around 2mm, but size can vary slightly because they are hand made. If you have any problems, return unused (undamaged) headpins for a full refund.
    Length Gauge Quantity Price  
    2" 24 50 $25
    2" 24 100 $50
    2" 24 200 $95
    Length Gauge Quantity Price  
    2" 22 50 $30
    2" 22 100 $55
    2" 22 200 $100

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