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   "Wire & Fused Jewelry"

Techniques from Sandkühler Studio

The book is in! Retail $19.99 plus $10.00 shipping/handling/schlepping for domestic purchases. Yes, yes, I know you can get it cheaper somewhere else, but if you buy it from me, I'll sign it for free.

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"Hi Iris,

I just purchased your book (arrived yesterday) and couldn't put it down. Now it's with me at work so I can continue reading every chance I get.

Love your classes too!"

—Carol Imber
San Jose, CA
November 2010


Your wonderful book, which I have and just adore... I especially appreciated your story about the big green ring. It made me cry, as it flooded me with memories of my own mother and her beautiful costume jewelry and how elegant she looked wearing it. I also appreciate all of the really good tips you have in your book and your sense of humor about it all."

—Daz Moran
Tucson, Arizona
April 2011


I took a photo of your book at the giant Powell's in Portland. Could have spent a week there but had to leave after 2 hrs, what an amazing bookstore. I was thrilled to spot your book on the shelves!"

—Jessica Hill
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
September 2010

Thank you so much for your book. It is WONDERFUL! You have reignited my creative flame and are bringing me back into the light! Thank you so much for that, you truly are an inspiration to me!"

—Gina Alther
Berlin, Maryland
August 2010

Great book by the way. I read as much as I could as we drove 12 hours to Calgary Alberta – through the beautiful mountains I read about all the creative things you have learned and now share/teach. I love your style of writing your “how to” manual. Thanks for bringing your books to Canada!!!

Good luck on your Reception, Hobnobbing, Book Signing, Trunk Showing and Happy Birthdaying Event! Janet told me that you both had a great time just relaxing and being creative together! I hope you returned home feeling rested and rejuvenated. All the best to you!!"

—Donna Dove
Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada
July 2010
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