Bureau of Land Management Seeks Public Comment on Use of Public Lands for Charisto and Jeanne-Claude's Over the River Environmental Project

The Environmental Impact Statement for Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s Over The River project is moving forward, and the Bureau of Land Management is inviting the public to comment on the proposed use of public lands for this exciting temporary work of art. On October 31, 2008, the BLM published a land use notice -- known as a “Notice of Realty Action” -- in the Federal Register. This document outlines the lands that Christo and Jeanne-Claude propose using for Over The River, and you can view it by clicking here.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude have been working with the Bureau of Land Management for quite some time to get the necessary approvals for Over The River. The artists requested an Environmental Impact Statement to evaluate the project’s potential impacts and to determine ways to eliminate or mitigate those issues as much as possible. The Notice of Realty Action is one of the first steps in this process. Currently the BLM is specifically asking for comments on the artists’ proposed use of public lands. All other issues will be addressed in the course of the Environmental Impact Statement.

If you support Over The River, we encourage you to write the BLM to say that you agree with the artists’ proposed use of public property. Public lands are used for everything from oil and gas drilling to mining and recreation -- people even film commercials on public lands! Over The River is a temporary work of art with no lasting impact, and we hope that you’ll tell the BLM that you believe this is an appropriate use of the land. Furthermore, please let the BLM know that you agree with their decision to entertain an application for a land use permit for Over The River and encourage them to do all in their power to expedite the approval process for this project.

Public comments should be sent to the following address:

Field Manager, Royal Gorge Field Office
Bureau of Land Management
3028 East Main Street
Canon City, Colorado 81212

Comments are being accepted on this issue until December 15, 2008.


The next step in the process will be to hire a third-party contractor to oversee the Environmental Impact Statement. The BLM is interviewing potential contractors this month, and we will keep you posted as updates become available.

Over The River is a two-week temporary work of art to be created by artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude. The artists will suspend 5.9 miles of silvery, luminous fabric panels high above the Arkansas River at eight aesthetically selected areas along a 40-mile stretch between Salida and Canon City. Over The River will be funded entirely by the artists. For more information, please visit our website at

ADDENDUM to BLM Seeks Public Comment on Use of Public Lands for Over The River
As a follow-up to last week’s Over The River update, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has clarified that it is accepting e-mail comments in addition to mail-in comments on the recently published land use notice -- known as a “Notice of Realty Action” -- in the Federal Register. This document outlines the lands that Christo and Jeanne-Claude propose using for Over The River, and you can view it by clicking here.

If you support Over The River, we encourage you to write the BLM to say that you agree with the artists’ proposed use of public property.

Public comments should be sent to the following e-mail or mailing address:

Field Manager, Royal Gorge Field Office
Bureau of Land Management
3028 East Main Street
Canon City, Colorado 81212

Comments are being accepted on this issue until December 15, 2008.

Women's Art Dot Com Art Exhibition, Oakland, CA

Iris Sandkühler's Art Opening at Adorna Bella, San Francisco, CA

Through Our Eyes — All-Women Exhibition, Statesboro, GA

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Sandkühler Studio Newsletter

  • September Workshops in Hawaii
  • HOW (Hooked on Wire)
  • Opening in San Francisco
  • October & November Workshops in the Bay Area and...
  • August 17, 2008

    I'd like to say hello to all the new folks on my newsletter list and an added special thank you to everyone who was a part of my 50th birthday celebration! Whether it was through emails, letters, phone calls, packages, house guest or party participation, your presence (and presents) was much appreciated. What a great way to start the second half of my life! Thank you everyone!

    Not Too Bad for 50 2in
    Iris Sandkühler
    September Workshops in Hawaii
    Be there in 10 days!

    Oahu: Sept 2-8. We've got the classes lined up at The Bead Gallery on Oahu (Sept 2-8) and I'm looking forward to seeing familiar faces as well as new ones to accompany some exciting twists on several workshops. A quick run down: Fusing with Beads (square links), a flowery take on Hugs and Kisses, the ever popular Matchsticks and Torches (great way to become familiar with and practice using a torch), Hot Worked Chains: Fused, and for those students who relish a more complex project: The Ancient Double Loop-in-Loop which is also a fusing class. If you go to the calendar on my site, you can navigate to the workshop descriptions as well as The Bead Gallery's site to see their samples and register.

    NW Maui Jungle
    Sign up now, especially for private lessons on Maui

    Maui: Sept 9-15. I'm offering Sheet Shapes at Maui's Community College (located across from Queen Ka'ahumanu Center) on Saturday the 13th, and am open for private lessons from the 9th-15th. First come first served/scheduled so contact me right away with your requests. Private lessons are still $25.00 per hour plus the materials/handout/use of tools fee listed in the individual workshop descriptions on my site: If you are a fan of the Hui No'eau Center, be sure and mention my name to them (again and again) if you'd like to see me teach there.

    Sign up for private lessons on Maui now in order to catch me before I leave September 1st.

    HOW (Hooked on Wire)
    In the San Francisco Bay Area, Sept. 16th

    I'll be participating again at Hooked on Wire in the Bay Area. Come say hi at the teacher's reception on Friday September 16th and I'll see you in class on Saturday night. I've got a special project that I cooked up just for this venue. Its three different versions of the Double Heart Link. If you go to my calendar, you'll find a link to their site.

    Opening in San Francisco
    Merging my Jewelry with Drawing, Sept 21 from 1-4pm

    You're invited to Adorna Bella in North Beach! In addition to the usual style of jewelry that I make, I'm focusing on a series of more figurative work by drawing (embossing) into copper and submerging the images in natural resin to create necklaces. The results are mysterious and whimsical pieces that I call the Champagne and Chocolate series. Preview them at: The drawing counterparts to this show are pen and inks of floating nudes set in landscapes. You can preview them at

    No 4, 4Jan08 .7in

    October & November Workshops in the Bay Area and...
    November's Green Horn (dude) Ranch Retreat, Quincy, CA. Nov 7-9

    In October you'll mostly see me in the Bay Area in October. Since (sadly) the Bead Shop closed its doors in Palo Alto, I've increased my visibility in neighboring venues. I hope my Bead Shop students continue their creative momentum and catch me close by! It will be great to see familiar faces at the Sequoia Adult School at Little House in Menlo Park. I've also picked up more hours at Beading Frenzy's new space in San Mateo. If you come see me on Alameda (at Bead Inspirations) we can stop next door at the German restaurant after class for a quick bite! It's quickly becoming a ritual for me.

    Green Horn Ranch Cowgirl .7

    November 7-9th I'll be at a Ranch Retreat in Quincy California. When the Green Horn Ranch approached me about having a retreat at their great location in the mountains I took a special trip there to check it out. What a great inspiration! After photographing horses, saddles, horseshoe, a saloon, wreaths and still lifes made of western paraphernalia etc., I came up with a great image as a jumping off point to learn how to cut sheet metal. Besides my workshop, there will be loads of activities such as happy hour at the saloon, camp fire sing-along, line dancing, horse back riding, just to name a few. Contact me directly for minute by minute details and workshop enrollment, then contact Green Horn Ranch for your lodging reservation. Email me for a detailed itinerary.

    While December is generally a slow month for workshop venues, I often get last minute folks asking for private lessons. No worries! If I'm in town I'm available so book me early. Whether you're Buddhist, Jewish, Pagan or a good Christian just looking for an excuse to get away from the relatives, I'll be here. Otherwise, I hope to run into you at one of many festive events around the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Sandkühler Studio

    Getting ready to go to Hawaii
    Otherwise in Tiburon, California

    On a final note, if you're feeling the pinch (economically speaking) in regards to making and taking jewelry and fine art classes, keep in mind that a positive result of these lean times is that it allows you to stand out from the pack. Now is the time to hunker down, focus on furthering your own unique creative style. Do some deep cleaning and focus, focus, focus. [I'm finding that my work is selling faster now with the influx of visiting foreigners, here to take advantage of the weak dollar]. Is your butterfly net held high enough to catch them too?

    Sandkühler Logo

    Sandkühler Studio

  • Anchorage Alaska and Maui Hawaii
  • Diagonal Thai Weave
  • Website Calendar
  • More Events
  • March 17, 2008

    When I began this newsletter, I was in Anchorage Alaska teaching at the Alaska Bead Company for the first time. When I arrived, there was only 7 hours and 48 minutes of day light (with a loss of 5 minutes and 16 seconds per day)! How odd it was to get up and prepare for my workshops in pitch black light when it was nearing 9:00 am. My hosts asked what I'd like to see, and with the limited time (teaching 11 workshops in 10 days) I decided the most important thing was an iceberg. Whenever I mentioned the word iceberg, I would get a worried look. When we drove to Portage Lake (famous for its icebergs), I understood why; Global warming has taken its toll by shrinking the glaciers and with it, the icebergs. The visitors' center was closed. No ice breaker ships hauling tourists out into the lake. Indeed, I felt lucky to even capture this one in a photo.

    Portage Lake, Alaska 07
    Anchorage Alaska and Maui Hawaii
    What Could They Possibly Have in Common?

    A couple of months later I taught at Vitec, the University of Hawaii's Community College. [It was a success and I'll be returning to the islands in September]. While on Maui, my sister (Hi Tina!) joined me from Germany to see Hawaii for the first time. We were planning to hike into the volcano Haleakala; a barren, moonscape filled with cinder cones, red, orange and brown sands, trails and infinite photo opportunities. During our week on the island, the park was first closed due to strong winds, then snow! No kidding. The emergency broadcast system warned people on the Big Island to seek sturdy shelter immediately due to golf ball sized hail. The day before we left Maui the snow turned to rain and we drove up Haleakala to check out the snow. The park was only open for a few hours but it was long enough for us to enjoy our first Hawaiian snow woman made by a local.

    Local Snow Woman

    Diagonal Thai Weave
    A New Distance Learning Lesson

    Travel teaching is one of my great loves and if I can't go somewhere physically I like to enjoy a close second: teaching students from all over the world via distance learning. It took a while but I finally finished the Diagonal Thai Weave lesson. Had to teach it a few times to get the bugs worked out and decide how many pre-requisites it required to keep it short and less expensive. It's available for purchase to return students who have taken Jumpin' for Jump Rings, Fused Loop Pendants and Stackable Rings, Hot Worked Chains Fusing and either Soldering with Beads or Beach Glass and Pebbles. Without these prerequisites and all their details, the Diagonal Thai Weave lesson won't make much sense.

    Diagonal Thai Weave

    Website Calendar
    And Upcoming Events

    If you've noticed a conspicuous lack of workshop bookings on my website calendar it's because I've had some technical challenges keeping it up to date. Actually I'm teaching and travel teaching quite a lot and am already booking up to the end of this year! Contact me at isandkuhler at yahoo dot com for a complete list of all the dates and places. I hope to have the website issues resolved soon. Meanwhile: the following are some of the highlights.

    Upcoming Pen & Ink Figure Drawings, Jewelry Show and Related Workshops March 24th - April 9th. I just shipped out twenty pen and ink figure drawings to the Averitt Center for the Arts in Statesboro Georgia. I hope to be sending jewelry out within the next few days. At the end of this month, I'll be flying there to attend the opening as well as teaching related workshops at both the Averitt Center and the Huelsewiesche Studio. Besides all these fabulous activities I'm looking forward to seeing my southern buddies and black water kayaking on my days off.

    Puget Sound Bead Festival July 10th - 13th. The Puget Sound Bead Festival takes place in July. It will be my first time there so if anyone has any pointers let me know! I'll be teaching the Etruscan Tree of Life, Basic Pewter Casting, Crazy Chain and Bamboo Rain. You can check out these workshops on my website.

    My Fiftieth Birthday July 27th. Save the date! My fiftieth birthday is July 29th but I will be celebrating it on Sunday July 27th in Tiburon California (San Francisco Bay Area). I'll have lots of details later but so far I know it will revolve around the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, hot tubs, sauna, a potluck, another friend's birthday and entertainment. It will probably be scheduled for around 11- 3pm but stay tuned for the official invite later. .

    More Events

    Hawaii in the beginning of September. Maui students can find me at the University of Hawaii's Vitec program at the Maui Community College. I'll be teaching Sheet Shapes on Saturday the 13th. Also looking into teaching at The Bead Gallery on Oahu. Jamie and Jason said they are interested so Oahu students be sure and put in your workshop requests!


    Green Horn Ranch. Late October or early November, four day weekend October sounds like a great season to go teach at a ranch! I'll be working with the horse motif and cutting techniques in jewelry. We are working out the itinerary right now and it looks pretty exciting with a Saloon, campfires, line dancing and of course: horses!

    Finally; I am writing from a hotel room in Anchorage Alaska where I have returned to teach jewelry workshops again. The days are getting much longer and the snow is mixing with slush. I've been invited to go explore Barrow on the North Slope above the Arctic Circle. My hope is that we might see the Aurora and/or some polar bears. If not, it'll be cool to just see the northern most point of this country. Believe it or not, I will also investigate whether or not there are any opportunities to teach in this wild and rugged part of the world. There could be a lot of bored people (and spouses) there. Wish me luck and check out the blog on Beaducation's website for an update on how it went in Barrow. By-the-way Beaducation video taped me teaching The Viking Knit. It's currently being edited and should be available through their site within the next eight weeks.

    Sandkühler Studio

    Enroute from Anchorage Alaska to
    Tiburon California

    It's good to be in touch! Ciao4now. -Iris

    Beach Glass Retreat, Mendocino Coast, CA
    February 7th-10th, 2008

    Check in Friday, check out Sunday

    Viking Knit Wire Rope Bracelet
    Viking Knit Bezel

    Over the years, several students have suggested that I teach somewhere outside of the San Francisco Bay Area so that they have a good excuse to get away for a couple of days. Here is another opportunity for you to join us. For more information about this fabulous weekend email me.

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