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November 30, 2005

October 2005

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Working Hand in Hand to Protect Wildlife
and Help People

April 18, 2005

What a privilege it was to work with Antonia DeMatto to come up with jewelry project ideas for
    Working Hand in Hand is a non-profit public benefit corporation dedicated to protecting wildlife and helping impoverished people in areas where wildlife is endangered. 100% of contributions go directly to programs in Africa.
Antonia described a community in Zambia with little to no resources. What kinds of jewelry materials could the villagers find that are virtually free, plentiful and wouldn't damage wildlife or the environment? What kinds of jewelry designs are simple to construct? What are the minimum tools required? While we played with copper wire Antonia repeated over and over "What they have little of is resources. What they have a lot of is time." Wow. What a contrast to our fast paced world!
    We provide employment for many local people enabling them to feed, clothe and educate their families which helps to remove the need to resort to illegal poaching.
I'm eagerly awaiting Antonia's return visit to see what jewelry products the villagers developed using our ideas.

Carnival, San Francisco
May 29, 2005

Iris Sandkühler performing with Dance Kaiso in the Trinidad contingency at San Francisco's Cinco de Mayo parade.

Left photo courtesy of Morgan the Red. Bottom photo courtesy of Amy J. Rose.

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